Replacing the Motor (Models WITH Brush Control)

PLEASE NOTE: If your are in anyway unsure of any of the steps listed below. Please consult a qualified electrician and always disconnect the Dyson from the mains before commencing work.

1. Lay your Dyson onto it's back and, using a coin or a large flat screwdriver, turn each of the three soleplate fasteners a quarter of a turn in an anti-clockwise direction.

2. Remove the soleplate by pulling it away from the brush holder at the bottom edge.

3. Place the Brush Roll Removal Tool (Designed by and sold exclusively through over the brush bar at the belt end.

4. Using the belt hook, pull the belt onto the bottom holding pin of the Brush Roll Removal Tool. Then hook the belt onto the top pin.


5. Carefully pull the brush bar out of the brush holder. Then unhook the belt from the Brush Removal Tool and remove the tool.



6. Remove the cyclone/bin assembly.

7. Remove the internal hose by firstly pulling it from the main body.

8. Then by unwinding the other end from the brush holder.

9. Remove the brush holder by grasping the end firmly and rocking it backwards and forwards whilst pulling it away from the cleaner head.


10. Then remove the brush holder from the other end using the same method.


11. Remove the U-bend.

12. Using a Torx T15 screwdriver remove the 3 screws holding the clutch cover in place.



13. Remove the clutch cover.


14. Use a large flat screwdriver and gently prise the belt off the motor shaft.

15. Using a flat screwdriver, gently remove the two large plastic circlips holding the cleaner head in place. One on each side.


16. Hold the cleaner head firmly in both hands and gently open the sides to clear the cleaner head from the main body.


17. Carefully remove the bearing clip from the left side of the Dyson.



18. Then remove the bearing clip from the right side.



19. Remove the post motor filter lid by inserting a flat bladed screwdriver under the locating tabs at the front and sides of the lid. Use the screwdriver to gently prise the tabs on the post filter lid, off the main body.



20. Remove the motor inlet cover.



21. Using a Torx T15 screwdriver. Remove the 4 screws holding the upper motor cover onto the main body.


22. Gently pull the upper motor cover and motor housing free of the main body.


23. Remove the Upper motor cover by holding each side and gently spreading the sides to clear the motor housing.


24. Using a large flat screwdriver gently prise off the motor retaining ring.


25. Grasp the black fancase seal and pull the motor free of the motor housing. (This may require a considerable force)


26. When you have removed the motor from it's housing. Take careful note of the correct connection of the wires. Red to Brown (live wires), Black to Blue (neutral wires). Then Remove the offset motor bearing mount (blue arrow) and the rubber fancase seal (yellow arrow) from the old motor and fit them to the new motor.

........................ REASSEMBLY ......................


27. Before refitting the motor to the motor housing. Lubricate the rubber seal with a very slight smear of vaseline to allow the motor to be manouvered into place.


28. When refitting the motor ensure that the offset motor bearing mount is correctly alligned so that the large protusion lines up with the large cut out of the motor housing.

Reassembly is a simple reversal of the steps listed above.